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25 Januari - Pieter Janse van der Velde.
Frans van Campenhout, violist.

31 Januari - Pieter Janse van der Velde.
30 November - Adrianus van den Houten.

1 Januari - Hendrik Jacobus van den Houten.

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The Iron Bridge is completed across the Severn river in Shropshire; the first all cast-iron
bridge ever constructed.
The city of Tampere is founded in Finland.
May 13 - War of Bavarian Succession: Russian and French mediators at the Congress
of Teschen negotiate an end to the war. In the agreement Austria receives a part of its
territory that was taken from them (the Inn District).
July 16 - American Revolutionary War: United States forces led by General Anthony
capture Stony Point, New York from British troops.

January 5 - Stephen Decatur, American naval officer.
January 18 - Peter Roget, lexicographer (+ 1869).
January 25 - Pieter Janse van der Velde.
March 15 - Lord Melbourne, British Prime Minister.
May 28 - Thomas Moore, poet (+ 1852).
August 20 - Jons Jacob Berzelius, Swedish chemist.
November 14 - Adam Oehlenschlager, Danish poet.

January 31 - Pieter Janse van der Velde.
November 30 - Adrianus van den Houten.

January 1 - Hendrik Jacobus van den Houten.
January 20 - David Garrick, actor.
February 14 - James Cook (b. 1728), British naval captain and explorer, killed at
Kealakekua Bay on the Island of Hawai'i.
December 6 - Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, French painter.
Emperor Go-Momozono of Japan.

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