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24 April: Inname van Sluis door Franse troepen.
30 April: Inname van Sas van Gent door Franse troepen.
10 Mei: Inname van Hulst door Franse troepen. Heel Staats-Vlaanderen in Franse handen.
20 Mei: Vredesonderhandelingen te Breda worden afgebroken en in Aken voortgezet.
16 September: Franse troepen nemen de onneembaar geachte Staats-Brabantse vesting
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29 Januari - Jannetje van den Houten.
22 December - Abraham Jacob 's Graeuwen.

26 November - Cornelia Abramse van den Houten.


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January 31 - The first venereal diseases clinic opens at London Dock Hospital.
April 9 - The Scottish Jacobite Lord Lovat was beheaded on Tower Hill, London,
for high treason; he was the last man to be executed in this way in Britain.
May 3 - Battle of Cape Finisterre in the War of the Austrian Succession.
July 2 - Battle of Lawfeld.
Emperor Momozono ascends to the throne of Japan, succeeding Emperor Sakuramachi.
Kandahar taken from Nadir Shah by Ahmad Shah Durrani, and becomes the first capital
of the newly-independent Afghanistan.
Thomas Herring appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
James Lind discovers that citrus fruits prevent scurvy.
Wearing of the kilt banned in Scotland by the Dress Act.
Samuel Johnson begins work on A Dictionary of the English Language.

January 26 - Samuel Parr, English schoolmaster (died 1825).
January 29 - Jannetje van den Houten.
May 5 - Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor (died 1792).
July 6 - John Paul Jones, American naval captain (died 1792).
October 8 - Jean-François Rewbell, French politician.
December 22 - Abraham Jacob 's Graeuwen.
Johann Elert Bode, German astronomer (died 1826).
François Tourte, French musical instrument maker (died 1835).
Anna Seward, English writer (died 1809).

November 26 - Cornelia Abramse van den Houten.

March 16 - Christian Augustus of Anhalt-Zerbst, father of Catherine II of Russia.
April 9 - Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (born c.1667).
October 10 - John Potter, Archbishop of Canterbury (born c.1674)
Nadir Shah, Persian leader.
Andrei Osterman, Russian statesman.
Barthold Heinrich Brockes, German poet.
Alain-René Le Sage, French novelist and playwright (born 1668).

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