Het Wapen van Noordgouwe.
Nu onderdeel van Schouwen-Duiveland.
Op deze kaart is Noordgouwe te vinden.
Op deze kaart is Schuddebeurs (Zeeland) te vinden.

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Coat of Arms of Noordgouwe.
Now part of Schouwen-Duiveland.
On this map you can find Noordgouwe.
On this map you can find Schuddebeurs (Zeeland).

The circle of Noordgouwe still exist.
The characteristic church is build in 1462, has a canal around it and is
in the somer mythisch enlightened.
On the other side of the main road, towards Schuddebeurs, you see
the beautiful renovated "Potterhuisjes" (Pottercottages), build in 1650
to accommodate distinguished widows.

The landscape of Schuddebeurs is complete different as the rest of the
area of Brouwershaven.
There is sand instead of clay (the old river-bed of De Gouwe), with a
woody environment as result.
Rich families of Zierikzee "schudden de beurs" (shake theyre wallet)
in the 18th century very generous and build here theyre second homes.
"Heesterlust" and "Mon Plaisir" are beautiful examples of it.

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