Het Wapen van Brouwershaven.
Nu onderdeel van Schouwen-Duiveland.
Website gemeente Brouwershaven.
Op deze kaart is Brouwershaven te vinden.

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Coat of Arms of Brouwershaven.
Now part of Schouwen-Duiveland.
Website of Brouwershaven.
On this map you can find Brouwershaven.

The healthy land between the Grevelingen and the Schelde-streams.
At Sunday, November 10, 1577, Jacob Cats, Poet and Lawyer, was
born in Brouwershaven.
Brouwershaven gives you lots of space at land and in/on the water.
The year around for the whole family.

* Monuments-village.
* Large area of outstanding natural beauty, and historical fillages.
* Nature.
* Recreation and curiosity.
* History.
* Situated in sunny Zeeland.
* Marina.
* Beach.
* Aquatic Sports.
* Tourist vessels.
* Sport-Accommodations.

The city of Brouwershaven was originated in 1285, after landgrave Floris V (Der Keerlen
God) give order to dig a haven in the then by mud locket Duivenee. In 1582 Prince Willem I
gave the rights to build shores, after which Brouwershaven became the looks of a City.
The smalltown had blooming times as fightingcapable city, till the devastating the flooding in
1682, and as one of the busiest blooming seaports of the Netherlands from 1840 till 1860.

Nowadays Brouwershaven is by his unique location near the large Grevelingenmeer a centre
for water- and fishingsport. The commercial port became a marina and in 1973 they build a
bigger marina.

The city is sparing his rich history and beautiful housefronts. Worth seeing are the city hall,
build in 1599, the St. Nicolaaskerk (Saint Nicolaaschurch), build in 1293, the Jagershuis
(huntershouse) and waaggebouw (weigh-house), the parents-house en statue of Jacob Cats,
mill De Haan and the little mill "Windlust".

Brouwershaven has many shops, lodging- and restaurants. There are also a family doctor
and a dentist.

The city Brouwershaven counts ± 1400 residents. The total community (including the
villages Zonnemaire, Dreischor, Noordgouwe and Schuddebeurs) counts ± 3600 residents.
All villages are reachable by public transport.

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