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1 Januari - De Beneluxtunnel onder de Nieuwe Maas (Vlaardingen - Schiedam) wordt tolvrij.
25 Februari - Staatsgreep in Suriname, gepleegd door een groep lage officieren onder leiding
van sergeant en sportinstructeur Desi Bouterse.
30 April - Abdicatie van Koningin Juliana ten gunste van haar oudste dochter Beatrix.
Inauguratie van Beatrix als Koningin der Nederlanden.
8 Mei - In het stads- en streekvervoer wordt de strippenkaart ingevoerd als onderdeel van
het nationaal tariefsysteem.
1 Juni - Oprichting van de Amerikaanse nieuwszender CNN door Ted Turner.
?? Juni - Jack Middelburg wint de 500 cc-klasse van de TT Assen.
21 Juli - Joop Zoetemelk wint, als 2e Nederlander, de Tour de France.
9 September - Oprichting van de Nederlandse Taalunie.
September - Irak zegt het grensakkoord met Iran op, en valt Iran aan. Begin van de oorlog
12 November - De Voyager 1 ruimtesonde bereikt de planeet Saturnus en stuurt
spectalulaire foto's van Saturnus, zijn ringen en zijn manen terug naar de aarde.
Oprichting van de Poolse onafhankelijke vakbond Solidariteit.

9 Januari - AJ McLean, Amerikaans zanger in de groep Backstreet Boys.
28 Januari - Nick Carter, zanger in de boys-band Backstreet Boys.
12 Februari - Christina Ricci, actrice.
12 Februari - Juan Carlos Ferrero, Spaans tennisser.
27 Februari - Chelsea Clinton, dochter van de voormalige Amerikaanse president Bill
Clinton en zijn vrouw Hilary.
26 Maart - Jacob Jan (Roy) van den Houten.
8 Juni - Sita Vermeulen, Nederlands popzangeres.
17 Juni - Venus Williams, Amerikaans tennisster.
18 Juni - Karen van den Houten.
20 Juni - Tony Lovato, Amerikaan zanger & gitarist van de punk rock-band MEST.
7 Juli - Michelle Kwan, Nederlands kunstschaatster.
19 Juli - Xavier Malisse, Belgisch tennisser.
22 Juli - Dirk Kuijt, Nederlands voetballer.
31 Juli - Nicolien Sauerbrij, Nederlands snowboardster.
26 Augustus - Macaulay Culkin, Amerikaans acteur, o.a. in de Home Alone films.
13 September - Daisuke Matsuzaka, Japanse professionele honkbalspeler.
20 September - Vladimir Karpets, Russisch wielrenner.
30 September - Martina Hingis, Zwitsers tennisster.
1 Oktober - Kim-Lian van der Meij, Nederlands tv-presentatrice.
10 Oktober - Mya, Amerikaans zangeres.
20 Oktober - Dani Minogue, zangeres, zus van Kylie Minogue.
24 Oktober - Stefan Manuhutu.
24 Oktober - Monica Arnold, zangeres.
26 Oktober - Christian Chivu, voetballer.
11 November - Johanna Hermina (Nanja) Temminck.
17 November - Isaac Hanson, Amerikaans zanger, bekend van de popgroep Hanson.
21 November - Adriana Martina van Driel.
10 December - Joachim Schot.
18 December - Christina Aguilera, zangeres.
19 December - Victoria Koblenko, Nederlands actrice, speelde Isabella Kortenaer in
de tv-soap Goede Tijden, Slechte tijden.
23 December - Jennifer Hoffman, Nederlands actrice, o.a. in de soap-serie Westenwind.

16 Januari - Jan Willem van den Houten.
27 Februari - Jacobus  van den Houten.
4 Maart - Johannes Martin Bijvoet, Nederlands chemicus.
9 Maart - Johannes Buskes, Nederlands theoloog.
24 Maart - Oscar Romero, aartsbisschop van San Salvador (vermoord).
31 Maart - Jesse Owens, Amerikaans atleet.
15 April - Jean-Paul Sartre, Frans filosoof en schrijver.
29 April - Alfred Hitchcock, Brits regisseur.
23 Mei - Floris van den Houten.
1 Juni - Dingeman van den Houten.
22 Juli - Fred Kaps, Nederlands goochelaar.
26 Augustus - Jan Wit, dichter en theoloog.
6 September - Leo van den Houten.
20 September - Josias Braun-Blanquet, Zwitsers botanicus.
21 Oktober - Jacoba Johanna Brandenburg.
6 November - Pien Wiegel (26), echtgenote van minister Hans Wiegel van binnenlandse zaken.
10 November - Willem Bastiaan van den Houten.
12 November - Andrej Amalrik, Russisch schrijver en dissident.
8 December - John Lennon, Brits popmuzikant.
31 December - Marshall McLuhan, Canadees wetenschapper.

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January 1- April 1 - National steel strike in United Kingdom.
January 1 - Changes to the Swedish Act of Succession creates Victoria of Sweden, Crown
Princess over her younger brother.
January 5 - Hewlett-Packard announces release of its first personal computer.
January 7 - President Jimmy Carter authorizes legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail
out Chrysler Corporation.
January 9 - In Saudi Arabia, 63 Muslim fanatics are beheaded for their part in the siege of
the Great Mosque in Mecca in November 1979.
January 11 - Nigel Short, 14 years old, is the youngest chess player to be awarded the
degree of International Master.
January 22 - Andrei Sakharov is arrested in Moscow.
January 26 - Israel and Egypt establish diplomatic relations.
February 2 - Abscam: Reports surface that FBI personnel were targeting members of the
United States Congress in a sting operation.
February 4 - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini names Abolhassan Banisadr as president of Iran.
February 23 - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini states that Iran's parliament would decide the
fate of the American embassy hostages.
March 1 - Voyager 1 probe confirms that Janus (moon of Saturn) exists.
March 1 - Patti Smith marries former MC5 member Fred Sonic Smith.
March 3 - Pierre Trudeau returns to office as Prime Minister of Canada.
March 4 - Robert Mugabe is elected Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.
March 10 - Jean Harris shoots doctor Herman Tarnower, the inventor of the Scarsdale diet.
March 14 - In Poland, a plane crashes during an emergency landing near Warsaw killing
a 14-man American boxing team and 73 others.
March 18 - In Russia, a Vostok rocket explodes on its launch pad during a fueling
operation killing 50.
March 20 - The pirate radio station Radio Caroline sinks.
March 21 - President Jimmy Carter announces that the United States will boycott
the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.
March 24 - Archbishop Óscar Romero is killed by gunmen while celebrating Mass
in San Salvador.
March 26 - A mine lift cage at the Vaal Reef gold mine in South Africa falls 1.2 miles
down - 23 dead.
March 27 - The Norwegian oil platform Alexander Kielland collapses in the North
Sea, killing 123 of its crew of 212.
April 2 - Kenneth Tynan, theatre critic, born in Birmingham, England in 1927.
April 7 - The United States severs diplomatic relations with Iran and imposes economic
sanctions following the taking of American hostages on Sunday, November 4, 1979.
April 10 - Spain and United Kingdom agree to reopen the border between Gibraltar
and Spain, closed since 1969.
April 18 - Zimbabwe's formal independence from United Kingdom. Robert Mugabe takes
his post as a Prime Minister.
April 21 - Rosie Ruiz wins the Boston Marathon but is later exposed as a fraud
and stripped of her award.
April 24-25 - Operation Eagle Claw, a commando mission in Iran to rescue American
embassy hostages is aborted after mechanical problems ground the rescue helicopters.
Eight United States troops were killed in a mid-air collision during the failed operation.
April 30 - Iranian Embassy Siege - 6 Iranian-born terrorists take over Iranian embassy
in London, UK. SAS attacks May 5 - one terrorist survives.
April 30 - Luis Muñoz Marín, first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico, dies
at the age of 82.
May 7 - Paul Geidel, convicted of second-degree murder in 1911, is released from prison in
Beacon, New York, after 68 years and 245 days - the longest-ever time served by an inmate.
May 9 - In Florida, a Liberian freighter named the Summit Venture hits the Sunshine
Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay sending 35 people (most of whom were in a bus) to a
watery death as a 1,400-foot section of the bridge collapsed.
May 18 - Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington killing 57 and causing US$ 3 billion in damage.
May 24 - The International Court of Justice calls for the release of U.S. embassy hostages in Tehran.
June 1 - The Cable News Network, or CNN, is launched in the United States.
June 10 - Apartheid: The African National Congress in South Africa publishes a statement
by their imprisoned leader Nelson Mandela which says in part 'UNITE! MOBILISE! FIGHT
June 23 - Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi, dies in an air crash.
June 25 - Muslim Brotherhood assassination attempt against Syrian president Hafez
al-Assad fails. Assad retaliates by sending the army against them.
June 26 - The fascist NAR group places a bomb on a plane that crashes into the sea
near Naples - 81 people dead.
June 29 - Vigdis Finnbogadottir becomes the president of Iceland.
July 17 - Saddam Hussein is selected president of Iraq, replacing Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr.
July 19 - Former Turkish Prime Minister Nihat Erim is killed by two gunmen in Istanbul, Turkey.
July 30 - Vanuatu gains independence.
August 2 - Armed Revolutionary Nuclei fascists group plants a bomb in a waiting room
at Bologna railway station in Northern Italy - 84 dead.
August 14 - Lech Walesa leads the first of many strikes at the Gdansk shipyard.
August 25 - Microsoft announces their version of UNIX, Xenix.
September 5 - The St. Gothard Tunnel opens in Switzerland as the world's longest highway
tunnel at 10.14 miles (16.32 km) stretching from Goschenen to Airolo.
September 12 - Military coup in Turkey lead by Kenan Evren. It stopped political
violence among gangs, but was the beginning of stronger state violence which lead to
the execution of many young activists.
September 17 - After weeks of strikes at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland
nationwide independent trade union Solidarity is established.
September 17 - Former Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza Debayle is killed in Paraguay.
September 22 - The command council of Iraq ordered its army to "deliver its fatal blow
on Iranian military targets," initiating the Iran-Iraq War.
September 29 - Washington Post publishes Janet Cooke's story of Jimmy, an 8-year-old
heroin addict (later proven to be fabricated).
October 27 - Six IRA prisoners in Maze prison refuse food and demand status as
political prisoners - hunger strike lasts until December.
October 30 - El Salvador and Honduras sign a peace treaty to put the border dispute
fought over in 1969's Football War before the International Court of Justice.
November 4 - U.S. presidential election, 1980: Republican challenger Ronald Reagan
defeats incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter by a wide margin.
November 12 - Voyager program: The NASA space probe Voyager I makes its
closest approach to Saturn when it flies within 77,000 miles of the planet's cloud-tops
and sends the first high resolution images of the world back to scientists on Earth.
November 21 - A fire at the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada kills 87 people.
November 23 - A series of earthquakes in southern Italy kills approximately 4,800 people.

Unknown dates:
Summer Olympic Games in Moscow USSR.
War begins between Iran and Iraq.
Invasion of Afghanistan by USSR.
NEC created the first successful digital signal processor, the NEC µPD7710.
Comedian Richard Pryor gets badly burned trying to freebase cocaine.
SCART plug was made mandatory to all televisions sold in France.
The Staggers Rail Act
is passed deregulating American railroads.

Year in topic:
1980 in film:
Wednesday, May 21, 1980 - The Empire Strikes Back.
Friday, December 5, 1980 - Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, directed
by Martin Scorsese.
Ordinary People.
Coal Miner's Daughter.
The Elephant Man.
The Blues Brothers.
1980 in literature:
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.
1980 in music:
Monday, December 8, 1980 - Former Beatle John Lennon is shot and killed in front
of his residence in New York City.
1980 in television:
Thursday, February 14, 1980 - Walter Cronkite announces his retirement from
CBS Evening News.
Friday, October 24, 1980 - Australia's multicultural television network SBS begins
transmission in Sydney and Melbourne.
Tuesday, December 30, 1980 - After 25 years, the longest-running prime-time TV series
The Wonderful World of Disney is cancelled by NBC.
CNN is launched as the first 24 hour a day news network.

January 1 - Rebekah Teasdale, British model and journalist.
January 1 - Elin Nordegren, Swedish model.
January 2 - Michelle Clack, British model.
January 9 - Sergio García, Spanish golfer.
January 14 - Cory Gibbs, American soccer player.
January 16 - Albert Pujols, baseball player.
January 20 - Jasmin Wagner, German pop singer.
February 11 - Natasha Bobo, actress.
February 11 - Matthew Lawrence, actor.
February 12 - Juan Carlos Ferrero, Spanish tennis player.
February 12 - Christina Ricci, actress.
February 27 - Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton.
March 18 - Alexei Yagudin, figure skater.
March 21 - Ronaldinho, Brazilian soccer player.
March 26 - Jacob Jan (Roy) van den Houten.
April 17 - Brenda Villa, water polo player.
April 21 - Vincent Lecavalier, NHL hockey player.
May 9 - Grant Hackett, Australian swimmer.
June 13 - Sarah Connor, German pop singer.
June 16 - Joey Yung, Hong Kong singer.
June 17 - Venus Williams, tennis player.
June 18 - Karen van den Houten.
June 23 - Ramnaresh Sarwan, cricketer.
June 26 - Jason Schwartzman, actor.
June 26 - Michael Vick, football quarterback.
July 6 - Pau Gasol, Catalan NBA star.
July 7 - Michelle Kwan, figure skater.
July 10 - Adam Petty, NASCAR driver (d. 2000).
July 10 - Jessica Simpson, singer.
July 22 - Kate Ryan, Belgian singer.
August 26 - Macaulay Culkin, actor.
September 7 - Mark Prior, baseball pitcher.
September 12 - Yao Ming, Chinese NBA star.
September 21 - Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood actress.
September 30 - Martina Hingis, Swiss tennis player.
October 13 - Ashanti, US pop music artist.
October 16 - Sue Bird, WNBA basketball star.
October 24 - Stefan Manuhutu.
November 11 - Johanna Hermina (Nanja) Temminck.
November 17 - Isaac Hanson, musician.
November 21 - Adriana Martina van Driel.
November 21 - Hank Blalock, baseball player.
December 10 - Joachim Schot.
December 18 - Christina Aguilera, pop singer.
December 19 - Jake Gyllenhaal, actor (The Day After Tomorrow).
December 19 - Marla Sokoloff, actress (Full House, The Practice).
December 30 - Eliza Dushku, actress.

January 3 - Joy Adamson, conservationist and author of Born Free (killed by a servant
in northern Kenya).
January 8 - John Mauchly, co-inventor of the ENIAC computer.
January 10 - George Meany, labor leader.
January 16 - Jan Willem van den Houten.
January 18 - Sir Cecil Beaton, fashion designer.
January 29 - Jimmy Durante, actor, singer, comedian, vaudevillian.
January 30 - Professor Longhair, King of New Orleans music.
February 7 - Secondo Campini, Italian jet pioneer.
February 13 - David Janssen, actor.
February 19 - Bon Scott, lead singer for AC/DC.
February 27 - Jacobus  van den Houten.
March 5 - Jay Silverheels, actor.
March 16 - Tamara de Lempicka, Art Deco painter.
March 29 - Mantovani, musician.
March 31 - Jesse Owens, American athlete.
April 4 - Red Sovine, country music entertainer.
April 12 - Clark McConachy, snooker and billiards player.
April 29 - Alfred Hitchcock, British film director (b. 1899).
May 4 - Josip Broz Tito, president of Yugoslavia (born 1892).
May 18 - Ian Curtis, band member of Joy Division.
May 23 - Floris van den Houten.
May 28 - Rolf Nevanlinna, mathematician (born 1895).
June 7 - Henry Miller, writer.
June 1 - Dingeman van den Houten.
June 13 - Walter Rodney, historian, political figure.
June 21 - Bert Kaempfert, German orchestra leader and songwriter.
June 23 - Clyfford Still, painter.
July 7 - Dore Schary, stage/motion picture personality.
July 17 - Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.
July 24 - Peter Sellers, actor.
August 7 - Jacqueline Cochran, American aviatrix.
August 10 - Yahya Khan, President of Pakistan.
August 14 - Dorothy Stratten, Playboy playmate (murdered).
August 24 - Yootha Joyce, British actress.
September 6 - Leo van den Houten.
September 25 - John Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin.
October 21 - Jacoba Johanna Brandenburg.
October 25 - Victor Galindez, boxing light heavyweight world champion, in car race accident.
November 4 - Elsie MacGill, aeronautical engineer, "Queen of the Hurricanes".
November 10 - Willem Bastiaan van den Houten.
November 20 - John McEwen, eighteenth Prime Minister of Australia.
December 2 - Romain Gary, writer.
December 4 - Francisco Sá Carneiro, Prime Minister of Portugal (died in office).
December 4 - Stanislawa Walasiewicz, Polish-American sprinter.
December 8 - John Lennon, musician, founding member of The Beatles.
December 16 - Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (born 1890).
December 16 - Hellmuth Walter, engineer and inventor.
December 24 - Karl Dönitz, former President of Germany.
December 29 - Tim Hardin, musician.
December 31 - Marshall McLuhan, Canadian author and professor.

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