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1 Januari - Anastasia Somoza wordt President van Nicaragua.
Januari - De Chinese burgeroorlog wordt opgeschort vanwege de dreiging van een
Japanse invasie.
Juli - Japanse strijdkrachten vallen China binnen (Mantsjoerije en Binnen-Mongolië
waren al door Japan bezet). De Volkenbond neemt geen maatregelen.

1 Januari - Aaltje (Atie) Eikelenboom.
6 Januari - Paolo Conte, Italiaans zanger.
8 Januari - Shirley Bassey, Amerikaans zangeres, o.a. bekend door de titelsong van
de film Goldfinger.
16 Januari - Conny Vandenbos, Nederlands zangeres.
1 Februari - Don Everly, Amerikaans zanger, helft van het duo The Everly Brothers.
10 Februari - Cornelis (Cees) de Bakker.
21 Februari - Harald V, koning van Noorwegen.
14 Maart - Adriana Marina van den Houten.
17 Maart - Johanna Cornelia van den Houten.
18 Maart - Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Nederlands politicus.
28 April - Saddam Hoessein, President van Irak.
3 Juli - Tom Stoppard, toneelschrijver.
4 Juli - Koningin Sonja van Noorwegen.
11 Juli - Dolf de Vries, Nederlands acteur/schrijver.
12 Juli - Raymond Keulemans, Belgisch biljarter.
12 Juli - Evert Hartman, Nederlands schrijver.
13 Juli - Kitty Courbois, Nederlands actrice.
8 Augustus - Dustin Hoffman, Amerikaans filmacteur.
12 Augustus - Herman De Croo, Belgisch politicus.
18 Augustus - Robert Redford, Amerikaans filmacteur.
20 September - Jacob van Dam.
1 Oktober - Hedy d'Ancona, Nederlands oud-politica.
9 Oktober - Hendrik van den Houten.
26 November - Boris Jegorov, Russisch ruimtevaarder (kosmonaut) en arts.
13 December - Johannes van den Houten.
13 December - Rob Houwer, Nederlands filmregisseur en producer.
17 December - Art Neville, Amerikaans zanger, lid van The Neville Brothers.
Peter Tuinder.

29 Januari - Jan Jonker.
10 Maart - Yevgeny Zamyatin, Russisch schrijver.
19 Juni - J.M.Barrie, Schotse auteur van o.a. Peter Pan en dramaturg.
2 Mei - Leendert van den Houten.
28 Mei - Alfred Adler, Oostenrijks psycholoog en psychiater.
11 Juli - George Gershwin, Amerikaans componist.
20 Juli - Guglielmo Marconi, Italiaans Natuurkundige.
11 September - Jan Willem Vlierboom.
19 Oktober - Ernest Rutherford, Nieuw-Zeelands natuurkundige.
27 November - Jan Willem van den Houten.
28 November - Marinus van Oeveren.
24 December - Thona van den Houten.
28 December - Maurice Ravel, Frans componist.

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January 1 - Anastasio Somoza becomes President of Nicaragua.
January 11 -*Birthday of Tony Stott the world war II war hero The first issue of Look
magazine goes on sale in the United States.
January 19 - Howard Hughes sets a new air record by flying from Los Angeles to New
York City in 7 hours, 28 minutes and 25 seconds.
January 23 - In Moscow, 17 leading Communists go on trial accused of participating in
a plot led by Leon Trotsky to overthrow Joseph Stalin's regime and assassinate its leaders.
February 5 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposes a plan to enlarge the Supreme
Court of the United States.
February 11 - A sit-down strike ends when General Motors recognises the United
Automobile Workers Union.
February 16 - Wallace H. Carothers receives a patent for nylon.
March 18 - A natural gas explosion at a school in New London, Texas kills 298 (most
are children).
March 26 - In Crystal City, Texas spinach growers erect a statue of the cartoon
character Popeye.
April 1 - Aden becomes a British crown colony.
April 26 - Spanish Civil War: Guernica, Spain is bombed by German Luftwaffe.
May 6 - In United States, the German airship Hindenburg bursts into flame when
mooring to a mast in Lakehurst.
May 7 - Spanish Civil War: The German Condor Legion Fighter Group, equipped
with Heinkel He-51 biplanes arrive in Spain to assist Francisco Franco's forces.
May - Dáil Éireann passes the Executive Authority (Consequential Provisions) Act,
1937 which retrospectively abolished the office of Governor-General of the Irish Free
State. The abolition was retrospectively dated back to December 1936.
May 12 - Coronation of King George VI.
May 27 - In California, the Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrian traffic creating a
vital link between San Francisco and Marin County. The next day, President Franklin
D. Roosevelt pushes a button in Washington, DC signaling the start of vehicle traffic
over the Bridge.
June 8 - First total solar eclipse to exceed 7 minutes of totality in over 800 years;
visible in the Pacific and Peru.
July 1 - In a referendum the people of the Irish Free State accept the new
Constitution by 685,105 votes to 527,945.
July 5 - Highest recorded temperature in Canada, at Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan: 45 °C.
July 7 - Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Lugou Bridge - Japanese forces invade China.
June/July - Dáil Éireann debates and passes the draft new constitution of Éire,
to be called Bunreacht na hÉireann. The new constitution is then submitted for
public approval by plebiscite.
July 22 - New Deal: The United States Senate votes down President Franklin D. Roosevelt's
proposal to add more justices to the Supreme Court of the United States.
July 24 - Alabama drops rape charges against the so-called "Scottsboro Boys."
November 5 - World War II: In the Reich Chancellery, Adolf Hitler holds a secret meeting
and states his plans for acquiring "living space" for the German people.
December - The Marijuana Tax Act is signed, killing the US hemp industry just as it was
about to benefit from a mechanised brake and compete with cotton and wood pulp.
December 3 - The Dandy, the world's longest running comic, was first published.
December 12 - Panay incident.
December 13 - Battle of Nanjing ended as the Japanese took the city and began 3
months of atrocities.
December 29 - New Irish Constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann comes into force.
The Irish Free State becomes Éire. Eamon de Valera becomes the first Taoiseach
(prime minister) of the new state. A Presidential Commission (made up the Irish Chief
Justice, the Speaker of Dáil Éireann and the President of the High Court) assumes
the powers of the new presidency of Ireland pending the election of the first president
in June 1938.
Japan invades Manchuria. (Some consider this the start of World War II. Most
historians disagree).

1937 in film:
The Life of Emile Zola.
A Star Is Born.
Snow White, first feature-length animated movie.
1937 in sports:
January 1 - The first Cotton Bowl game is played in Dallas, Texas
1937 in television.
May - Gilbert Seldes becomes the first television critic, with his Atlantic Monthly
article, the "Errors of Television".
May 15 - RCA demonstrates projection television, with images enlarged to 8
by 10 feet, at the Institute of Radio Engineers convention.
CBS announces their efforts to develop television broadcasts.

January 1 - Aaltje (Atie) Eikelenboom.
January 4 - Dyan Cannon, actress.
January 8 - Shirley Bassey, singer.
January 8 - Bob Eubanks, game show host.
January 15 - Margaret O'Brien, actress.
January 17 - Troy Donahue, actor.
January 18 - John Hume, politician, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998.
January 30 - Vanessa Redgrave, actress.
January 30 - Boris Spassky, chess grand master.
January 31 - Suzanne Pleshette, actress.
January 31 - Philip Glass, composer.
February 1 - Garrett Morris, comedian.
February 1 - Don Everly, musician.
February 2 - Tom Smothers, musician, comedian, half of the Smothers Brothers.
February 8 - Manfred Krug, actor.
February 10 - Cornelis (Cees) de Bakker.
February 11 - Bill Lawry, Australian cricket player.
February 11 - Lodewijk Boer, Dutch violinist/playwright.
February 11 - Marilyn Butler, Rector of Exeter College, Oxford University.
February 11 - Peter Lashley, West Indies cricket player.
February 12 - Charles Dumas, American high jumper.
February 17 - Rita Süssmuth, politician.
February 20 - Nancy Wilson, singer.
February 20 - Roger Penske, automobile racer.
February 21 - Harald V, King of Norway (1991 - ).
February 25 - Tom Courtenay, actor.
March 6 - Valentina Tereshkova, cosmonaut.
March 9 - Mickey Gilly, country music performer.
March 14 - Adriana Marina van den Houten.
March 17 - Johanna Cornelia van den Houten.
March 20 - Jerry Reed, country musician.
March 30 - Warren Beatty, actor/director.
April 5 - Colin Powell, US Secretary of State.
April 6 - Merle Haggard, country musician.
April 6 - Billy Dee Williams, actor.
April 22 - Jack Nicholson, actor.
April 28 - Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq.
May 8 - Thomas Pynchon, novelist.
May 6 - Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, boxer.
May 12 - George Carlin, comedian.
May 13 - Roch Carrier, Canadian author of fiction.
May 13 - Roger Zelazny, science fiction author (d. 1995).
May 15 - Trini López, musician.
May 15 - Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of State.
May 17 - Hazel R. O'Leary, United States Secretary of Energy.
May 18 - Brooks Robinson, Baseball Hall of Famer.
May 18 - Jacques Santer.
June 18 - Vitali Zholobov, cosmonaut.
July 6 - Vladimir Ashkenazy, pianist.
July 9 - David Hockney, artist.
July 12 - Lionel Jospin, Prime Minister of France.
August 4 - David Bedford, musician.
August 8 - Dustin Hoffman, American actor.
August 18 - Robert Redford, American actor.
September 4 - Dawn Fraser, Australian swimmer.
September 20 - Jacob van Dam.
September 28 - Rod Roddy, television announcer (d. 2003).
October 9 - Hendrik van den Houten.
October 10 - Bobby Charlton, English footballer.
November 17 - Peter Cook, comedian, satirist and writer.
November 26 - Boris Yegorov, cosmonaut.
December 3 - Bobby Allison, NASCAR driver.
December 8 - Arne Næss Jr., Norwegian mountaineer, businessman (d. 2004).
December 13 - Johannes van den Houten.
December 29 - Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President of the Maldives.
Peter Tuinder.

January 6 - Brother Andre, Canadian religious figure.
January 23 - Marie Prevost, actress.
January 29 - Jan Jonker.
February 11 - Walter Burley Griffin, architect and town planner.
March 12 - Charles-Marie Widor, organist and composer.
March 15 - H. P. Lovecraft, horror writer.
March 29 - Karol Szymanowski, composer.
April 19 - William Martin Conway, British art critic and mountaineer.
May 2 - Leendert van den Houten.
May 23 - John Davison Rockefeller, American industrialist and philanthropist.
May 28 - Alfred Adler, psychologist.
June 19 - J. M. Barrie, novelist and dramatist.
July 9 - Oliver Law, first African American commander of American troops,
killed in battle during the Spanish Civil War.
July 11 - George Gershwin, composer (b. 1898).
August 11 - Edith Wharton, writer.
September 2 - Pierre de Coubertin, French founder of the modern Olympic Games.
September 11 - Jan Willem Vlierboom.
September 26 - Bessie Smith, blues singer.
September 29 - Ray Ewry, American athlete.
November 27 - Jan Willem van den Houten.
November 28 - Marinus van Oeveren.
December 24 - Thona van den Houten.
Guglielmo Marconi, italian inventor, "the father of radio".

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