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De tennissport ontstaat in zijn huidige vorm.
20 Mei - Levi Strauss en Jacob Davis verkrijgen patent op de spijkerbroek.
Het Nederlandse gouvernement stuurt een expeditie van Atjeh.
Begin van de Atjehoorlog die tot 1904 zal duren.

12 Januari - Pieter Johannes Tolenaars.
18 Januari - Cornelis van den Berge.
27 Januari - Johannes van den Houten.
14 Maart - Alice Blumenfeld.
25 Maart - Maria Aalberts.
5 April - Leonard Troast.
10 Mei - Adrianus de Voogd.
15 Mei - Elisabeth Hogerheijde.
17 Mei - Maria Alida Hoogendam.
27 Mei - Mina Maria van den Houten.
19 Juli - Herman Hugo Louis Cohn.
23 Augustus - Sietje Catharina Hoogerwerf.
10 September - Johan van den Houten.
11 September - Cornelis van den Houten.
19 Oktober - Jaap Eden, Nederlands eerste schaats- en wielrenkampioen.
8 November - Jacobus van den Houten.
2 December - Marinus van Oeveren.

Levenloos geboren:
17 December - Levenloos van den Houten (jongetje).

9 Januari - Napoleon III.
1 April - Janna Luikaart.
1 Mei - David Livingstone, Schot, missionaris en ontdekkingsreiziger in Afrika.
21 Mei - Jacomijntje (Jacomina) van den Houten.
29 Mei - Cornelia Fernambuck.
18 Juni - Willemina (Willemijntje) Holleman.
22 Juli - Maria Westdorp.

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The United Kingdom declares war against Ghana's King Kofi KariKari, who was involved
in the trading of slaves. The war ended by July and the British established the Gold Coast
January 17 - Indian Wars: First Battle of the Stronghold during the Modoc War.
February 11 - Spanish Cortes deposes King Amadeus I and proclaims the first Spanish
February 12 - Former foreign minister Emilio Cistelar y Ripoli becomes prime minister of
the new Spanish Republic.
February 20 - The University of California opens its first medical school in San Francisco,
March 1 - E. Remington and Sons of Ilion, New York start production of the first practical
March 3 - Censorship: The United States Congress enacts the Comstock Law, making it
illegal to send any "obscene, lewd, or lascivious" books through the mail.
April 1 - The British steamer SS Atlantic sinks off Nova Scotia killing 547.
April 15 - 17 - Indian Wars: Second Battle of the Stronghold.
May 9 Der Krach: Vienna stock market crash heralds Long Depression.
May 23 - The Canadian Parliament establishes the North West Mounted Police (which will
be renamed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920).
June 4 - Indian Wars: The Modoc War ends with the capture of Captain Jack.
July 21 - At Adair, Iowa, Jesse James and the James-Younger gang pull off the first
successful train robbery in the American West (US$3,000 from the Rock Island Express).
August 4 - Indian Wars: While protecting a railroad survey party in Montana, the United
States 7th Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, clash for the first
time with the Sioux (near the Tongue River; only one man on each side is killed).
September 16 - German troops leave France upon completion of payment of indemnity
for Franco-Prussian War.
September 18 - New York stock market crash.
November 7 - Alexander Mackenzie becomes Canada's second prime minister.
Coors Brewing Company begins making beer in Golden, Colorado.
DDT first synthesized.
Swedish arms company Bofors is incorporated.
Prince Edward Island joins the Canadian Confederation.
In Mexico, Veracruz to Mexico City railroad completed.
Royal Montreal Club in Montreal, Quebec is founded, becoming the first permanent
golf club in North America.
Henry Rose exhibits barbed wire at an Illinois county fair, which is taken up by Joseph
Glidden and Jacob Haish, who invent a machine to mass-produce it.
Britain puts pressure on Sultan Barghash Sayyid who closes slave markets in Zanzibar.
Peter Tchaikovsky composes The Tempest.
First running of the Preakness Stakes horse race in Baltimore, Maryland.

January 7 - Adolph Zukor, motion-picture studio pioneer (d. 1976).
January 10 - George Orton, Canadian athlete.
January 12 - Pieter Johannes Tolenaars.
January 18 - Cornelis van den Berge.
January 20 - Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, Danish author, Nobel prize winner (d. 1950).
January 27 - Johannes van den Houten.
January 28 - Colette, writer (d. 1954).
February 3 - Karl Jatho, German airplane pioneer.
February 13 - Feodor Chaliapin, operatic bass (d. 1938).
February 27 - Enrico Caruso, opera singer (d. 1921).
March 3 - William Green, labor union leader, President of the American Federation
of Labor (d. 1952).
March 14 - Alice Blumenfeld.
March 19 - Max Reger, composer (d. 1916).
March 25 - Maria Aalberts.
April 1 - Sergei Rachmaninov, composer and pianist (d. 1943).
April 5 - Leonard Troast.
April 7 - John McGraw, baseball coach, manager, player (d. 1934).
April 22 - Ellen Glasgow, Pulitzer Prize winning author (d. 1945).
May 4 - Joe De Grasse, pioneer Hollywood film director (d. 1940).
May 9 - Anton Cermak, mayor of Chicago, Illinois (d. 1933).
May 9 - Howard Carter, British archaeologist (d. 1939).
May 10 - Adrianus de Voogd.
May 15 - Elisabeth Hogerheijde.
May 17 - Maria Alida Hoogendam.
May 17 - Henri Barbusse, French novelist and journalist (d. 1935).
May 17 - Dorothy Richardson, writer (d. 1957).
May 26 - Olaf Gulbransson, painter (d. 1958).
May 27 - Mina Maria van den Houten.
July 19 - Herman Hugo Louis Cohn.
August 23 - Sietje Catharina Hoogerwerf.
August 26 - Lee De Forest, American inventor (d. 1961).
September 10 - Johan van den Houten.
September 11 - Cornelis van den Houten.
September 20 - Sidney Olcott, pioneer film director (d. 1949).
September 21 - Papa Jack Laine, jazz musician (d. 1966).
October 14 - Ray Ewry, American athlete.
October 26 - Thorvald Stauning, Prime Minister of Denmark (d. 1942).
November 8 - Jacobus van den Houten.
November 16 - W.C. Handy, Blues composer (d. 1958).
December 2 - Marinus van Oeveren.
December 11 - Josip Plemelj, Slovene mathematician (d. 1967).

December 17 - Stillborn van den Houten (boy).

January 9 - Napoleon III, last emperor of France, in exile in England.
January 18 - Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, author.
January 20 - Fr. Basil Anthony Mary Moreau, founder of the Congregation
of Holy Cross.
February 7 - Sheridan Le Fanu, writer.
April 1 - Janna Luikaart.
April 11 - Edward Canby, US Army General killed during peace negations
with Captain Jack.
May 6 - José Antonio Páez, First Venezuelan president.
May 20 - Sir George-Étienne Cartier, French-Canadian statesman.
May 21 - Jacomijntje (Jacomina) van den Houten.
May 29 - Cornelia Fernambuck.
Nune 18 - Willemina (Willemijntje) Holleman.
July 22 - Maria Westdorp.
September 17 - Alexander Berry, Scotish adventurer, founder of Berry, Australia.
September 22 - Friedrich Frey-Herosé, member of the Swiss Federal Council (* 1801).
October 3 - Captain Jack, Modoc tribal leader, hung for the murder of Edward Canby.
October 6 - Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki, Polish explorer and geologist.
December 14 - Louis Agassiz, Swiss-American geologist and naturalist.

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