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3 Januari - In Japan vindt de Meiji Restauratie plaats. Het shogunaat wordt beëindigd,
de keizer komt weer aan de macht, en een periode van vernieuwing wordt ingeluid.

6 Januari - Vittorio Monti, Italiaans componist.
24 Januari - Cornelis Veraart.
26 Januari - Jacoba van den Houte.
4 Februari - Elizabeth van den Houten.
6 Februari - Gerrit van den Houten.
7 Februari - Thona van den Houten.
16 Februari - Gerrit van de Sluis.
28 Maart - Charlotte van den Houten.
10 April - George Arliss, acteur.
26 Mei - Barendina Jobse.
26 Juni - Jacqueline E. van der Waals, Nederlands dichteres.
11 September - Maaike Willemijna Tolenaars.
23 September - Jacomijntje van den Houten.
17 Oktober - Huigje van den Houten.
1 December - Frederika Laurentia Theodora Bosgard.
24 December - Leendert van den Houten.

6 Januari - Willem Jacobus de Meris.
8 Januari - Sara Volaart.
24 April - Jacob van Vliet.
3 Juni - Lena van den Ouden.
5 Juli - Adriana Jacoba van den Houten.
20 Juli - Cornelis van den Houten.
1 Augustus - Charlotte van den Houten.
29 September - Dingeman Jacobus van den Houten.
12 Oktober - Thomas van den Houten.
8 November - Kommertje van den Ouden.

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First edition of the World Almanac published.
Académie Julian - a major art school established in Paris, France that admitted women.
January 3 - "Meiji Restoration" fully established in Japan and the Shogunate is abolished.
February 16 - In New York City the Jolly Gorks organization is renamed the Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE).
February 24 - The first parade to have floats occurs at Mardi Gras in New Orleans,
Queen Isabella II of Spain derrocated.
February 24 - After Andrew Johnson tried to dismiss United States Secretary of War Edwin
M. Stanton, he becomes the first President of the United States to be impeached by the
United States House of Representatives. Johnson would later be acquitted by the United
States Senate.
March 5 - A court of impeachment is organized in the United States Senate to hear charges
against President Andrew Johnson.
March 23 - The University of California is founded in Oakland, California when the Organic
Act is signed into California law.
March 24 - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is formed.
May 16 - President Andrew Johnson is acquitted during his impeachment trial, by one vote
in the United States Senate.
May 30 - Memorial Day is observed in the United States for the first time (it was proclaimed
on May 5 by General John Logan).
July 25 - Wyoming becomes a United States territory.
July 28 - The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is adopted guaranteeing
African Americans full citizenship and all persons in the United States due process of law.
November - Ulysses S. Grant defeats Horatio Seymour in the U.S. presidential election.
November 27 - Indian Wars: Battle of the Washita River - In the early morning, United States
Army Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer leads an attack on a band of peaceful
Cheyenne living on reservation land with Chief Black Kettle, killing 103 Cheyenne (this was
later regarded as the first substantial US victory in the war).
German ophthalmologist August Rothmund defines Rothmund-Thompson's syndrome.
December 25 - US President Andrew Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all Civil
War rebels.

January 9 - S.P.L. Sørensen - Danish chemist.
January 24 - Cornelis Veraart.
January 26 - Jacoba van den Houte.
February 4 - Elizabeth van den Houten.
February 6 - Gerrit van den Houten.
February 7 - Thona van den Houten.
February 16 - Gerrit van de Sluis.
February 23 - W.E.B. DuBois, civil rights leader (d. 1963).
March 28 - Charlotte van den Houten.
March 28 - Maxim Gorky, author (d. 1936).
April 10 - George Arliss, actor.
May 6 - Nicholas II of Russia (d. 1918).
May 6 - Gaston Leroux, writer (d. 1927).
May 26 - Barendina Jobse.
May 29 - Abdul Mejid II, later last Caliph of the Ottoman Empire.
June 18 - Georges Lacombe - French artist.
July 14 - Gertrude Bell, archaeologist, writer, spy and administrator known as the "Uncrowned
Queen of Iraq" (d. 1926).
August 26 - Charles Stewart, Premier of Alberta..
September 1 - Henri Bourassa, French-Canadian politician and publisher.
September 11 - Maaike Willemijna Tolenaars.
September 23 - Jacomijntje van den Houten.
October 17 - Huigje van den Houten.
October 18 - Ernst Didring, Swedish writer (d. 1931).
November 9 - Leila Marie Koerber, later known as [[Marie Dressler, Canadian actress.
November 24 - Scott Joplin, musician and composer.
December 1 - Frederika Laurentia Theodora Bosgard.
December 24 - Leendert van den Houten.

January 6 - Willem Jacobus de Meris.
January 8 - Sara Volaart.
February 11 - Léon Foucault, astronomer.
March 4 - Jesse Chisholm, Old West pioneer.
March 28 - James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, British military leader.
April 3 - Franz Berwald, composer.
April 7 - Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Irish-Canadian journalist and politician (assassinated).
April 24 - Jacob van Vliet.
May 23 - Kit Carson, trapper, scout, Indian agent, soldier, legend.
June 1 - James Buchanan, U.S. President.
June 3 - Lena van den Ouden.
July 5 - Adriana Jacoba van den Houten.
July 20 - Cornelis van den Houten.
August 1 - Charlotte van den Houten.
September 29 - Dingeman Jacobus van den Houten.
October 12 - Thomas van den Houten.
October 17 - Laura Secord, Canadian patriot, distinguished for her activities during
the British-American War.
November 8 - Kommertje van den Ouden.
November 13 - Gioacchino Rossini, Italian composer.
December 6 - August Schleicher, German linguist.

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