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Nederlaag van Napoleon bij Moskou. De Russen pasten de tactiek van de
verschroeide aarde toe, waardoor het Franse leger grote verliezen leed; er
bleef slechts een tiende van over.

25 Maart - Johanna van den Houten.
25 Maart - Elizabeth van den Houten.
12 April - Geertje Natte.
17 September - Willemina (Willemijntje) Holleman.
20 September - Catharina Brouwer.
13 Oktober - Anthonij Letzer.

17 Januari - Cornelie Verpoort.
10 Februari - Mr. Jacob van den Houte.
10 Maart - Lena van Rookveen.
18 April - Elizabeth van den Houten.
27 Augustus - Antonij Jacob Bliek.
Leendert van der Schelde.

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February 2 - Russia establishes a fur trading colony at Fort Ross, California.
February 7 - The strongest in a series of massive earthquakes near New Madrid, Missouri,
est. >8 on Richter scale.
February 11 - Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry invents gerrymandering.
March 26 - An earthquake destroys Caracas, Venezuela.
April 30 - Louisiana is admitted as the 18th U.S. state.
May 11 - Prime Minster Spencer Perceval is assassinated by a bankrupt banker in the lobby
of the British House of Commons.
June 18 - The War of 1812 begins between the United States and the United Kingdom.
July 12 - Americans invade Canada at Windsor, Ontario.
July 22 - Peninsular War: Battle of Salamanca - British forces led by Lord Wellington defeat
French troops near Salamanca in Spain.
August 5 - War of 1812: Tecumseh's Indian force ambushes Thomas Van Horne's 200
Americans at Brownstone Creek, causing them to flee and retreat.
August 16 - War of 1812: American General William Hull surrenders Fort Detroit without a
fight to the British Army.
August 19 - War of 1812: USS Constitution defeats the British frigate Guerrière off the coast
of Nova Scotia. The British shot is said to have bounced off the Constitutions sides, earning
her the nickname "Old Ironsides".
September 7 - Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Borodino - Napoleon defeats the Russian army of
Alexander I near the village of Borodino.
September 14 - Napoleon's invasion of Russia is thwarted by the burning of Moscow.
October-December - Napoleon's retreat from Moscow.
October 9 - War of 1812: In a naval engagement on Lake Erie, American forces capture two
British ships; the HMS Detroit and the HMS Caledonia.
October 13 - War of 1812: Battle of Queenston Heights - On the Niagara frontier in Ontario,
Canada, United States forces under General Stephen Van Rensselaerof are repulsed from
invading Canada by British and native troops led by Sir Isaac Brock (although he dies
during the battle).
November - James Madison defeats De Witt Clinton in U.S. presidential election.
Spanish Cortes in exile at Cadiz create the first modern Spanish constitution.
The Old Oscar Pepper Distillery (now the Labrot & Graham Distillery), the oldest Kentucky
Bourbon distillery, is established along Glenn's Creek in Woodford County, Kentucky.

February 11 - Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Vice President (Confederate States of America).
February 11 - Benjamin Franklin Sands, Commander (Union Navy).
February 15 - Charles Louis Tiffany, jeweler (+ 1902).
March 22 - Stephen Pearl Andrews, Anarchist Abolitionist.
March 25 - Johanna van den Houten.
March 25 - Elizabeth van den Houten.
April 12 - Geertje Natte.
April 22 - Solomon Caesar Malan, Orientalist (+ 1894).
June 9 - Johann Gottfried Galle, German astronomer (+ 1910).
September 17 - Willemina (Willemijntje) Holleman.
September 20 - Catharina Brouwer.
October 13 - Anthonij Letzer.
December 24 - Karl Eduard Zachariae Expert on Byzantine Law.

January 17 - Cornelie Verpoort.
Februari 10 - Mr. Jacob van den Houte.
March 10 - Lena van Rookveen.
April 18 - Elizabeth van den Houten.
May 11 - Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister of Great Britain (assassination).
August 27 - Antonij Jacob Bliek.
October 13 - General Isaac Brock.
Leendert van der Schelde.

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