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8 Mei - Jacomijntje Grinwis.
15 Augustus - Elias Magnus Fries, Zweeds mycoloog.
24 Augustus - Jannetje van den Houten.

29 Juli - Klasina van den Houten.
6 Augustus - Digmannus van den Houten.

8 Mei - Antoine Lavoisier, Frans scheikundige.
28 Juli - Maximilien Robespierre, Frans revolutionair.

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February 11 - 1st session of US Senate open to the public.
March 14 - Eli Whitney is granted a patent for the cotton gin.
March 27 - The United States Government established a permanent United States Navy
and authorized the building of six vessels (in 1797 the first three frigates, USS United
States, USS Constellation and USS Constitution went into service).
May 8 - French chemist Antoine Lavoisier is executed by guillotine.
May 28-June 1 - The Glorious First of June (Battle of Ushant), naval battle between
British and French.
July 27 - French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre is arrested after encouraging the
execution of more than 17,000 "enemies of the Revolution."
July 28 - Maximilien Robespierre is guillotined in front of a cheering crowd, for sending
thousands of others to a similar fate during the French Revolution.
August 7 - Whiskey Rebellion begins: Farmers in the Monongahela Valley of Pennsylvania
rebel against the federal tax on liquor and distilled drinks.
August 20 - Battle of Fallen Timbers - American troops force a confederacy of Shawnee,
Mingo, Delaware, Wyandot, Miami, Ottawa, Chippewa and Pottawatomie warriors into a
disorganized retreat.
October - Fort Wayne founded in what is now the U.S. state of Indiana.
November 19 - The United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain sign Jay's Treaty,
which attempts to clear up some of the lingering problems left over from the American
Revolutionary War.

April 10 - Matthew Perry, American Commodore.
May 8 - Jacomijntje Grinwis.
May 17 - Anna Brownell Jameson, British writer (+ 1860).
May 27 - Cornelius Vanderbilt, entrepreneur.
July 5 - Sylvester Graham, inventor of Graham cracker (+ 1851).
August 24 - Jannetje van den Houten.

July 20 - Klasina van den Houten.
August 6 - Digmannus van den Houten.

January 16 - Edward Gibbon, historian.
March 28 - Marquis de Condorcet, mathematician, philosopher, and political scientist.
April 27 - Sir William Jones, British philologist and discoverer of the Indo-European
languages family.
May 8 - Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist and father of modern chemistry.
July 28 - Maximilian Robespierre (executed).

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