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Aanvaarding van de Amerikaanse Bill of Rights, de eerste tien amendementen
van de grondwet van de Verenigde Staten.

26 Januari - Jan van den Houten.
3 Mei - Marinus van den Houten.
3 Juni - Maatje van den Houten.
22 September - Michael Faraday, Brits natuurkundige.
26 December - Charles Babbage, Brits uitvinder.

Gedoopt: Maria de Greef.

26 Juli - Dijmphna Mouw (Dimphna Mauw) (Dijmphna Mauw) (Dina Mouw)
(Dimpna Mauw) (Dimpna Mouw) (Dijmphne Mouw).

5 December - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, componist en dirigent.

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January 25 - The British Parliament passes the Constitutional Act of 1791, splitting the old
province of Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada.
March 3 - The United States Congress passes a resolution calling for the establishment of
the United States Mint (U.S. Mint not created until next year).
March 4 - Vermont is admitted as the 14th U.S. state.
May 3 - Constitution of third May the first written constitution in Europe, proclaimed by
Polish Sejm (Parliament).
July 14 - The Priestley Riots in Birmingham, England.
December 4 - The first issue of The Observer, the world's first Sunday newspaper, is
December 15 - The United States Bill of Rights is passed.

January 15 - Franz Grillparzer, Austrian lyricist (&(+ 1872).
January 26 - Jan van den Houten.
February 21 - John Mercer, chemist and industrialist (+ 1866).
April 27 - Samuel Morse, U.S. inventor.
May 3 - Marinus van den Houten.
June 3 - Maatje van den Houten.
December 26 - Charles Babbage, English mathematician and inventor of computing machines.
Michael Faraday - English scientist.

February 10 - Maria de Greef.

May 9 - Francis Hopkinson, American author and signer of the Declaration of Independence.
July 26 - Dijmphna Mouw (Dimphna Mauw) (Dijmphna Mauw) (Dina Mouw)
(Dimpna Mauw) (Dimpna Mouw) (Dijmphne Mouw).

December 5 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Austrian composer.

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