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4 Juli: Het Amerikaans Nationaal Congres neemt de Amerikaanse onafhankelijkheidsverklaring
aan, die door Thomas Jefferson in samenwerking met anderen was ontworpen.

24 Maart - Sara Haymeetman/Hameteman.
13 Oktober - Cijtje van den Houten.
16 December - Johann Wilhelm Ritter, ontdekker van de ultraviolette straling, te Samnitz,


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January 10 - Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense.
March 17 - American Revolutionary War: British forces evacuate Boston, Massachusetts
after George Washington places artillery overlooking the city.
March 28 - Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco.
May 1 - Former Jesuit Adam Weishaupt founds the Bavarian Illuminati (Order of the
Illuminati) in Ingolstadt, Bavaria.
May 6 - Battle of Prague Prussian king Frederick the Great triumphs over Austrian army.
June 12 - Virginia Declaration of Rights by George Mason adopted by the Virginia
Convention of Delegates.
June 17 - Lt. Jose Joaquin Moraga leads a band of colonists from Monterey Presidio,
landing on June 29 and constructing the Mission Dolores of the new Presidio of San Francisco.
July 4 - American Revolutionary War: United States Declaration of Independence.
July 9 - An angry mob in New York City topples the equestrian statue of George III
in Bowling Green.
August 27 - American Revolutionary War: Battle of Long Island - Washington's
troops routed by British under Howe.
September - First running of the St. Leger Stakes horse race in England.
September 7 - World's first submarine attack. American submersible craft Turtle
attempts to attach a time bomb to the hull of British Admiral Richard Howe's flagship
Eagle in New York Harbor.
September 11 - American Revolutionary War: abortive peace conference between
British and Americans on Staten Island.
October 9 - Father Francisco Palou founds Mission San Francisco de Asis in what is
now San Francisco, California.
October 11 - American Revolutionary War: Battle of Valcour Island - On Lake Champlain
near Valcour Island, a British fleet led by Sir Guy Carleton defeats 15 American gunboats
commanded by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold. Although nearly all of Arnold's
ships are destroyed, the two day-long battle will give Patriot forces enough time to prepare
defenses of New York City.
October 28 - American Revolutionary War: Battle of White Plains - British forces arrive at
White Plains, attack and capture Chatterton Hill from the Americans.
November 16 - American Revolutionary War: Hessian mercenaries under Lieutenant General
Wilhelm von Knyphausen capture Fort Washington from the Patriots.
December 5 - The Phi Beta Kappa society is organized at the College of William and Mary.
December 23 - Thomas Paine, living with Washington's troops begins publishing The
Crisis, containing the stirring phrase, These are the times that try men's souls.
December 25 - American Revolutionary War: Gen. George Washington orders the
first issue of The Crisis read to his troops on Christmas Eve, then at 6 PM all 2600 of them
march to McKonkey's Ferry, cross the Delaware River and land on the Jersey bank at 3 AM.
December 26 - American Revolutionary War: Battle of Trenton - Washington's troops
surprise the 1500 Hessian troops under the command of Col.[Johan Rall] at 8 AM
outside Trenton and score a victory, taking 1000 prisoners while suffering only 6 wounded.
Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations.
Edward Gibbon publishes The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

January 24 - E.T.A. Hoffmann, poet, composer, and painter (+ 1822).
February 11 - Joannis Capodistrias Greek governor of Troezen (1827-1831).
March 10 - Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Luise), queen of Kingdom of Prussia (+ 1810).
March 24 - Sara Haymeetman/Hameteman.
April 1 - Sophie Germain, mathematician (+ 1831).
June 11 - John Constable, landscape painter.
August 6 - Amedeo Avogadro, chemist.
October 13 - Cijtje van den Houten.

David Hume, Scottish philosopher.

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