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29 Juni - Gerbrand Grinwis.
29 November - Jan van Oost.
Friedrich Mohs, Oostenrijks mineraloog.

25 April - Lena Vreeswijk.
5 Mei - Henrica van den Houten.

Juli - Wilhelmina Agatha Nies.

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January 12 - The first American museum open to the public is opened in (Charleston,
South Carolina).
January 17 - Captain James Cook becomes the first European explorer to cross the
Antarctic Circle.
April 27 or May 10 - The British Parliament passes the Tea Act, designed to save the
British East India Company by granting it a monopoly on the North American tea trade.
May 8 - Ali Bey dies of wounds received in a skirmish with Ottoman rebels.
October 12 - America's first insane asylum opens for 'Persons of Insane and
Disordered Minds' in Williamsburg, Virginia.
December 16 - Boston Tea Party.
Antigua Guatemala is destroyed by an earthquake and the capital of Guatemala is
moved to Guatemala City.
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II expels Jesuits from the Empire, and Pope Clement
XIV orders the dissolution of the Society of Jesus.
Baron de Morveau experiments with chlorine as a disinfectant.
Daniel Boone leads some pioneers into Kentucky. "Native American Indians" attack,
and Boone's son is killed.
Hilaire Rouelle discovers urea.

January 27 - Prince Augustus of Great Britain, later Duke of Sussex, sixth son of
King George III.
February 9 - William Henry Harrison, President of the United States (+ 1841).
May 15 - Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, statesman (+ 1859).
May 19 - Arthur Aikin, English chemist and mineralogist.
Jun2 29 - Gerbrand Grinwis.
July 5 - Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma, later King of Etruria.
October 6 - Louis Philippe, Duc de Chartres, later Duc d'Orleans and King of the French.
November 29 - Jan van Oost.
December 27 - Sir George Cayley, English aviation pioneer.

April 25 - Lena Vreeswijk.
May 5 - Henrica van den Houten.

February 20 - King Charles Emmanuel III of Savoy.
May 8 - Ali Bey.
July - Wilhelmina Agatha Nies.
July 23 - George Edwards, naturalist (* 1693).

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