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6 Maart - Paulus van den Houten.
20 Maart - Elisabeth van den Houten.
21 Maart - Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Frans wis- en natuurkundige.

21 Februari - Anna van den Bos(ch).
21 Februari - Leendert Vreeswijk.
23 Maart - Antonia Martha van den Houte.


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January 9 - Philip Astley stages the first modern circus (London).
May 10 - John Wilkes is imprisoned for writing an article for the North Briton
severely criticizing King George III. This action provokes rioting in London.
Secretary of State for colonies appointed in Britain.
Massachusetts Assembly dissolved for refusing to assist collection of taxes.
Boston citizens refuse to quarter British troops.
France buys Corsica from Genoa.
Gurkhas conquer Nepal.
First of the weekly numbers of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica are published;
100 are planned.

January 7 - Joseph Bonaparte, King of Naples and Spain (+ 1844).
January 28 - King Frederick VI of Denmark.
February 12 - Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor (+ 1835).
March 4 - August Friedrich Wilhelm Holtzhausen, engineer (+ 1827).
March 6 - Paulus van den Houten.
March 20 - Elisabeth van den Houten.
March 21 - Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, French mathematician and physicist.
May 17 - Caroline of Brunswick, Queen-Consort of King George IV of the
United Kingdom.
May 20 - Dolley Madison, First Lady of the United States (+ 1849).
June 9 - Samuel Slater, US industrialist.
November 21 - Friedrich Schleiermacher, German theologian.
Charlotte Corday - assassinated Jean-Paul Marat.
Zacharias Werner, German religious poet.

Februari 21 - Anna van den Bos(ch).
February 21 - Leendert Vreeswijk.
March 23 - Antonia Martha van den Houte.

October 31 - Francesco Maria Veracini, composer.

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