Data mother:
Annelies (Anneliese) van den Houten.
Born: 1946/1947 in the Netherlands.
Had 2 children: Uwe van den Houten 1968 ± 1970 and Kerstin van den Houten.
Married ± 1970 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (DDR), now Chemnitz with Alfred Bertholdt (01-22, 1934 / 02-09, 2003).
± divorced in 1972.
Deceased in 1983 - 1984 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) on ± 38 age.
By this marriage she was expelled from the van den Houten Family.

Data daughter:
Kerstin van den Houten born on 5 April 1970 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (DDR), now Chemnitz.
Soon after her mother married to Alfred Bertholdt and her name was Kerstin Bertholdt.
At age 2, her parents divorced and she was available for adoption as Kerstin Baumann.

She is now happily married and is now Kerstin van Eyck.
Now she still has a heart desire.
Namely to see a picture of her mother.

Do you have a photo of her mother or additional information, would you please be so kind
and send this to dick at ?
Kerstin would be very happy.
Thanks for the effort.

Dick van den Houten.