Genealogy "van den Houten"

Genealogy "van den Houten"


Josina (Jopie (Puck, Pucky)) van den Houten

Born 07-06-1928 Rotterdam
Died 08-06-2003 Roosendaal
Cremation 08-11-2003 Bergen op Zoom
Age 75
Father Krijn Leendert van den HoutenKrijn Leendert van den Houten
* 01-30-1892 Rotterdam
∞ Cornelia Anna van den Berg, 04-23-1919 Rotterdam, 4 children
Mother Cornelia Anna van den BergCornelia Anna van den Berg
* 11-24-1893 Rotterdam
∞ Krijn Leendert van den Houten, 04-23-1919 Rotterdam, 4 children
Partner Johannes Bernardus Hendrikus KleissJohannes Bernardus Hendrikus (Bep) Kleiss
* 03-21-1925 Schiedam
† 12-12-1992 Vlaardingen
∞ Josina (Jopie (Puck, Pucky)) van den Houten, 06-21-1951 Schiedam, 4 children
Marriage 06-21-1951 Schiedam
  1. Bernardus Isaac Mattheus KleissBernardus Isaac Mattheus Kleiss
    * < 1953
    † < 1955
  2. Cornelia Jacoba KleissCornelia Jacoba (Elly) Kleiss
    * 02-14-1953 Rotterdam
  3. Bernardus Isaac Mattheus KleissBernardus Isaac Mattheus (Berry) Kleiss
    * 03-11-1955 Rotterdam
    ∞ Anne Nicoll, 1 child
  4. Josina Theresia KleissJosina Theresia (José) Kleiss
    * 11-07-1959 Schiedam
    ∞ Wijnand de Jong, 2 children
Josina was registered on Wednesday, February 10, 1993 in the municipality of Steenbergen.

This family would always have lived in Vlaardingen.
At the end of 1992, beginning of 1993, the parents Josina and Johannes, the children were already on their own, would move to Steenbergen.
Unfortunately, just before the move, Johannes became serious ill and died in Vlaardingen.
A few months later, Josina moved to Steenbergen after all.
Daughter Cornelia Jacoba (Elly) would unfortunately be severely disabled and has been since childhood being nursed in a home in Baarn.

Many thanks to André and Dick van den Houten.