Genealogy "van den Houten"

Genealogy "van den Houten"


Adriana Jannetje (Adrie) van den Houten

Born 07-17-1946
Died 03-28-1974
Age 27
Newspaper report NRC Handelsblad 29 March 1974.

- Sailing over. Captain Otto
- Sailing over. Captain Otte of the tugboat Cora from Zierikzee has been rescued, but his wife and five-year-old daughter drowned when his ship was overrun on the Waal by pusher Lehnkering 16 in dense fog this morning. (ANP)
Interred Tombstone of Adriana Jannetje van den Houten. Scan
Father Willem van den HoutenWillem (Mosje) van den Houten
* 04-20-1912 Kerkwerve
† 04-08-1996 Zierikzee
∞ Cornelia Adriana de Bil, 07-17-1940 Kerkwerve, 2 children
Mother Cornelia Adriana de BilCornelia Adriana de Bil
* 02-16-1919 Dreischor
† 04-28-2002 Zierikzee
∞ Willem (Mosje) van den Houten, 07-17-1940 Kerkwerve, 2 children
Partner Reinier OtteReinier Otte
∞ Adriana Jannetje (Adrie) van den Houten, 2 children
  1. Chris OtteChris Otte
  2. Cornelia Adriana Maatje OtteCornelia Adriana Maatje (Cora) Otte
    * 01-31-1969
    † 03-28-1974
Adrie and her daughter Cora drowned because they were trapped in the forecastle of their tugboat when it sank.

Thanks to Jannie Gommers de Bil.