Genealogy "van den Houten"

Genealogy "van den Houten"


Aaron Troast

Born 06-02-1893 Lodi, NJ, USA.
Died 05-20-1919 New York.
Buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, NJ, USA.
Age 25
Interred Tombstones of Aaron Troast 1893 - 1919. Scan
Father Nicholas TroastNicholas Troast
* 10-15-1866 Lodi, NJ, USA.
† 06-26-1921 Lodi, NJ, USA.
∞ Matilda Rosenboom, 3 children
Mother Matilda RosenboomMatilda Rosenboom
* 04-07-1870 Wortendyke, NJ, USA.
† 08-18-1956 Paterson, NJ, USA.
∞ Nicholas Troast, 3 children
Partner Hattie DeJongHattie DeJong
∞ Aaron Troast
Death note

Died at age 25 in a hospital in New York from injuries sustained in World War I.
Note on relationship with Hattie DeJong

Aaron Troast and Hattie DeJong were engaged.