Genealogy "van den Houten"

Genealogy "van den Houten"


Dingeman Frans (Dick) van den Houten

Born 04-05-1956 Amsterdam Scan
Occupation 04-16-1974 - 05-01-2014 Technicus bij IBM.
Address Majubastraat 26 II, Amsterdam, Nederland Link
04-05-1956 - 06-10-1963 Majubastraat 26 II, Amsterdam (Transvaalbuurt Oost), Nederland Link
06-10-1963 - 03-25-1970 Giessenburg 36 III, Amsterdam (Buitenveldert), Nederland Link
03-25-1970 - 11-16-1976 Schipmolen 50 VII, Amsterdam (Molenwijk), Nederland Link
11-17-1976 - 01-1981 Burgemeester D. Kooimanweg 825 X, Purmerend (Noord), Nederland Link
Hobby Genealogy, Crafts, Computers, Gardening, Sport fishing, Cooking, Photography.
E-mail address dick at
Retired Has taken early retirement with effect from May 1, 2014.
Father Dingeman Frans van den HoutenDingeman Frans (Dé of Dingeman) van den Houten
* 04-25-1919 Zierikzee
† 06-17-1987 Amsterdam
∞ Hillegonda (Gonnie) van Kamp, 03-04-1943 Amsterdam, 5 children
Mother Hillegonda van KampHillegonda (Gonnie) van Kamp
* 12-14-1917 Amsterdam
† 01-17-1991 Amsterdam
∞ Dingeman Frans (Dé of Dingeman) van den Houten, 03-04-1943 Amsterdam, 5 children
Partner Louise Francisca de BeukelaarLouise Francisca (Loes) de Beukelaar
* 05-13-1955 Amsterdam
∞ Dingeman Frans (Dick) van den Houten, 11-16-1976 Amsterdam, 2 children
Marriage 11-16-1976 Amsterdam
  1. Elisabeth Louise van den HoutenElisabeth Louise (Els) van den Houten
    * 06-11-1985 Purmerend
  2. Walter Dingeman Frans van den HoutenWalter Dingeman Frans (Walter) van den Houten
    * 02-22-1987 Purmerend
    ∞ Private, 1 child
Dick van den Houten was born on Thursday 5 April 1956 in the Majubastraat 26 II in Amsterdam at 06:30 am and weighed 4600 gr.
On June 10, 1963, Dick moved with his parents to Giessenburg 36 III in Amsterdam (Buitenveldert).
And on March 25, 1970, Dick moved with his parents to Schipmolen 50 VII in Amsterdam (Molenwijk).
On April 16, 1974, Dick started working at IBM Netherlands.
There he first worked in the factory where he assembled typewriters, among other things.
After about five years, he entered the field as a technician, where he first repaired typewriters, PCs, printers, etc.
Then Dick repaired and maintained the larger computers (mainframes) with the associated IO (data storage, backup, processing, etc.).

4 brother Ronald Arthur born.
20 married to Louise Francisca.
29 daughter Elisabeth Louise born.
30 son Walter Dingeman Frans born.
31 father passed away.
34 mother passed away.
65 granddaughter born.
65 son married.
Birth note

Home, Majubatraat 26 II in Amsterdam.
Time: 6:30 am.
Weight: 4600 grams.