Genealogy "van den Houten"

Genealogy "van den Houten"

Help Wanted

Dear visitor,

For some time now I have been in possession of 5 scans of 2 baptismal certificates from 1636 and 1657 and a will with guardianship.
I can't read a word of it with the best will in the world.
I was told that these scans could be interesting for my/our family tree research.
So I have the question: Is there anyone who can read this ancient script?
And would he or she possibly feel like and have the time to translate it for us?
My/our thanks would be very great.
And of course willing to reciprocate.
It concerns the following scans:
1.Baptism certificate1636.
2.Baptism certificate1657 1van2.
3.Baptism certificate1657 2van2.
4.Will and guardianship statement 1van2.
5.Will and guardianship statement 2van2.

Once again, our thanks will be very great.

Dick van den Houten.
dick at