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7 Maart - Joseph Nicephore Niépce, Frans uitvinder van de fotografie.
10 November - Lena Janse Reijnbrand.
14 November - Robert Fulton, Amerikaans schilder, ingenieur en uitvinder.

11 Juli - Adriana Jacoba van den Hauten.
3 November - Krijna van der Schelde.


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March 9 - Judges in Paris find Jean Calas innocent, (after having been tortured and
executed in 1762) of murdering his son, Marc-Antoine, who had committed suicide),
mainy because Voltaire wrote a series of articles calling for the case to be re-opened.
March 22 - The British Parliament passes the Stamp Act which is the first direct tax
levied from England on the American colonies.
March 24 - American Revolutionary War: Great Britain passes the Quartering Act
that requires the 13 American colonies to house British troops.
May 18 - Fire destroys one quarter of town of Montreal, Quebec..
June 21 - The Isle of Man is brought under British control.
November 1 - The British Parliament enacts the Stamp Act on the 13 colonies in
order to help pay for British military operations in North America.
The first true restaurant opens in Paris, where a tavern-keeper named Boulanger sells
cooked dishes at an all-night place on the Rue Bailleul.
Nicholas Cugnot pioneers the automobile with a three-wheel gun tractor.
James Watt supersedes the 1705 Newcomen engine with a more effective steam engine.
In Lisbon, the auto-da-fe parade (often an excuse for violence against Jews or
Christian 'heretics') is abolished.
Josef II becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
Horace Walpole publishes The Castle of Otranto.

January 11 - Antoine Alexandre Barbier - French librarian.
March 27 - Franz Xaver von Baader - A German philosopher and theologian.
April 1 - Luigi Schiavonetti - Italian engraver.
April 6 - Duke Charles Felix of Savoy.
June 15 - Henry Thomas Colebrooke, English orientalist.
August 21 - King William IV of the United Kingdom.
September 18 - Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari, the later Pope Gregory XVI.
October 8 - Harman Blennerhassett, Irish-American lawyer.
October 24 - James Mackintosh, Scottish publicist.
November 10 - Lena Janse Reijnbrand.
November 14 - Robert Fulton - inventor, perfected the steamboat..
December 8 - Eli Whitney, American inventor.
Charles Hatchett, English chemist who discovered niobium.
James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institute.
Peter Bagration - Russian general.
Nicéphore Nièpce - French inventor.

July 11 - Adriana Jacoba van den Hauten.
November 3 - Krijna van der Schelde.

March 3 - William Stukeley, English antiquary.
April 15 - Mikhail Lomonosov, Russian author and scientist.
May 17 - Alexis Claude Clairault, French mathematician.
August 18 - Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.
October 31 - Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.
December 25 - Vaclav Prokop Divis, Czech scientist.

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