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Einde van de Zevenjarige Oorlog.

1 Mei - Lambert van den Houten.
Johann-Baptist Allgaier, Duits schaakgrootmeester.

29 Mei - Guillaume van der Schelde.
30 Oktober - Isak van den Houte.

23 Mei - Maria Bastert.
8 November - Johanna van Duyn.

16 November - Isak van den Houte.

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February 10 - French and Indian War: The 1763 Treaty of Paris ends the war and
France cedes Canada to Great Britain.
15 February - the Treaty of Hubertusburg puts an end to the Seven Years' War
between Prussia and Austria and their allies.
May 7 - Chief Pontiac begins the "Conspiracy of Pontiac" by attacking British
forces at Fort Detroit.
August 5 - Pontiac's War - Battle of Bushy Run - British forces led by Henry
Bouquet defeat Chief Pontiac's Indians at Bushy Run in the Pennsylvania backcountry.
The Treaty of Paris signed by Great Britain, France and Spain brings an end to the
Seven Years' War (also called the French and Indian War in the United States).
First publication of Bayes' theorem.
Proclamation of 1763.
City of St. Louis Missouri founded.

January 26 - Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, French Field Marshal, later King Charles XIV
John of Sweden and Charles III John of Norway.
February 29 - Ann Lee, founder of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second
Appearing ("Shakers").
March 9 - William Cobbett, journalist and author (+ 1835).
March 13 - Guillaume Marie Anne Brune, French soldier (+ 1815).
March 21 - Jean Paul, poet and publicist (+ 1825).
May 1 - Lambert van den Houten.
June 20 - Theobald Wolfe Tone, Irish patriot († 1798).
June 23 - Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of France.
July 17 - John Jacob Astor, entrepreneur (+ 1848).
December 25 - Claude Chappe, telecommunication pioneer (in semaphore relays).
December 28 - John Molson, Canadian entrepreneur (+ 1836).

May 29 - Guillaume van der Schelde.
October 30 - Isak van den Houte.

February 12 - Pierre de Marivaux, French playwright.
May 23 - Maria Bastert.
November 8 - Johanna van Duyn.

November 19 - Isak van den Houte.

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