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23 Maart - Pierre Simon Laplace, Frans wiskundige.
3 Augustus - Josias van den Houten.

11 Februari - Anthonia Martha Hoffer.

18 Februari - Anthonia Martha Hoffer.
16 Oktober - Janna Catrina Bliek.
22 December - Gerard Jansz. Bliek.

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While in debtor's prison, John Cleland writes Fanny Hill (Memoirs of a Woman of
Pleasure). Released from prison, the book was published in London, England.
Immediately, the Church of England asked the British Secretary of State to "stop
the progress of this vile Book, which is an open insult upon Religion and good
manners." As a result, Cleland was arrested and charged with "corrupting the
King's subjects."
April 27 - The first official performance of George Frideric Handel's Music for
the Royal Fireworks finished early due to the outbreak of fire.
May 19 - King George II of Great Britain grants the Ohio Company a charter of
land around the forks of the Ohio River.
July 9 - Naval settlement of Halifax, Nova Scotia founded as British answer to

January 13 - Friedrich Müller, painter, narrator, lyricist and dramatist, also known
as Maler Müller (died 1825).
January 24 - Charles James Fox, English Whig politician (died 1806).
January 29 - King Christian VII of Denmark (died 1808).
March 9 - Honore Mirabeau, politician (died 1791).
March 23 - Pierre Simon de Laplace, mathematician and astronomer (died 1827).
May 17 - Edward Jenner, inventor of the vaccine (died 1823).
August 3 - Josias van den Houten.
August 28 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist and dramatist
(died 1832).
December 17 - Domenico Cimarosa, Italian composer (died 1801).
Abraham Gottlob Werner, German geologist (died 1817).
Lorenzo da Ponte, Italian librettist (died 1838).
Georg Joseph Vogler, (known as Abbé Vogler) German composer, teacher and
theorist (died 1814).
Adelaide Labille-Guiard, French portrait painter (died 1803).
Vittorio Alfieri, Italian dramatist (died 1803).

February 11 - Anthonia Martha Hoffer.
June 19 - Ambrose Philips, English poet (born 1675).
September 10 - Emilie du Chatelet, French scientific writer and translator into
French of Isaac Newton's Principia (born 1706).
Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de la Vérendrye, French-Canadian explorer
(born 1685).
Louis Nicolas Clérambault, French organist and composer (born 1676).
Jan van Huysum, Dutch flower painter (born 1682).

February 18 - Anthonia Martha Hoffer.
October 16 - Janna Catrina Bliek.
December 22 - Gerard Jansz. Bliek.

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