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Anders Celsius vindt de temperatuurschaal Celsius uit.
Jan Jacob Mauricius wordt Gouverneur van Suriname (tot 1751.
Met hem doet de Verlichting zijn intrede in de kolonie.

14 Januari - Jannetje Dimmense Witte.
12 Oktober - Neeltje van den Houten.
21 Oktober - Jan van den Houten.

24 Februari - Dijmphna Mouw (Dimphna Mauw) (Dijmphna Mauw)
(Dina Mouw) (Dimpna Mauw) (Dimpna Mouw) (Dijmphne Mouw).

2 November - Jan van den Houten.

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January 24 - Charles VII Albert becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
February 16 - Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington, becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.
February 18 - British attack La Guayra.
April 8 - The first performance of George Frideric Handel's oratorio The Messiah, in Dublin.
May 25 - A battle is fought at Sahay.
December 2 - The Pennsylvania Journal first appears in print.
Daniel le Pelley succeeds Nicolas le Pelley as Seigneur of Sark.
Kingdom of Prussia captures Jihlava.
Christian Goldbach formulates Goldbach's conjecture.
Colin Maclaurin publishes his Treatise on Fluxions.
Anders Celsius proposes the Celsius temperature scale.
James Bradley succeeds Edmond Halley as Astronomer Royal.
Henry Fielding publishes Joseph Andrews.
John Carteret, 2nd Lord Carteret becomes Secretary of State for the Northern Department.
Rigging of Chippenham by-election causes a political scandal.
William Pulteney created as 1st Earl of Bath.
University of Erlangen is founded.
Molde in Norway becomes a city.
Construction starts on the Foundling Hospital in London.
Eisenach builds its Stadtschloss (city castle).

January 8 - Philip Astley, the father of modern circus.
January 14 - Jannetje Dimmense Witte.
March 10 - Sampson Salter Blowers, North American lawyer and jurist.
March 31 - P. D. Q. Bach, fictitious composer.
April 28 - Henry Dundas, British statesman.
May 6 - Jean Senebier, Swiss pastor and botanist.
June 25 - Johann Schweighauser, German classical scholar.
June 26 - Arthur Middleton, American politician.
June 28 - William Hooper, American statesman (+ 1790).
July 21 - John Cleves Symmes, American statesman (+ 1814).
July 27 - Nathanael Greene, American general.
September 14 - James Wilson, American politician.
October 12 - Neeltje van den Houten.
October 21 - Jan van den Houten.
December 9 - Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Swedish chemist.
December 16 - Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prussian general (+ 1819).
George Chalmers, Scottish antiquarian (+ 1825).
Joseph Brant, Mohawk leader (+ 1807).
Francis Nash, American military officer (+ 1777).
Johan Herman Wessel, Scandinavian writer (+ 1785).

February 24 - Dijmphna Mouw (Dimphna Mauw) (Dijmphna Mauw) (Dina Mouw)
(Dimpna Mauw) (Dimpna Mouw) (Dijmphne Mouw).

January 14 - Edmond Halley, astronomer.
February 22 - James Wilson, British publisher.
March 23 - Jean-Baptiste Dubos, French author.
April 17 - Arvid Horn, Swedish statesman.
June 27 - Nathan Bailey, English philologist and lexicographer.
July 9 - John Oldmixon, English historian.
July 14 - Richard Bentley, English scholar and critic.
July 19 - William Somervile, English poet.
September 18 - Jean Baptiste Massillon, French bishop.
November 2 - Jan van den Houten.
November 24 - Andrew Bradford, American publisher.
John Aislabie, British politician and gardener.

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