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23 Juli: Van Imhoff wordt gouverneur van Nederlands Ceylon.

19 Januari: James Watt - Schots ingenieur.
14 Juni: Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, Frans natuurkundige.

16 September - Gabriel Fahrenheit, Duits natuurkundige, te Den Haag, Nederland.

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January 26 - Stanislaus I of Poland abdicates his throne.
February 12 - Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor weds Maria Theresa,
mother of Marie Antoinette.
May 8 - Marriage of Frederick, Prince of Wales and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.
May 26 - Battle of Ackia: British and Chickasaw Native Americans defeat French troops.
A French expedition led by Pierre Louis Maupertuis is sent by King Louis XV to
Lapland to measure the length of a degree of the meridian, and proves that the Earth
is flattened at the poles.
Real Arissona, namesake of the U.S. state Arizona is founded in what is now that state.
Isaac Newton Publishes his Method of Fluxions.
Thomas Bayes publishes a defense of Isaac Newton's calculus.
Leonhard Euler solves the mathematical problem known as theseven bridges of Königsberg.
Anna I Empress of Russia, attacks Turkey.
Frederick, Prince of Wales weds Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.
Neustrelitz Becomes the capital of Mecklinberg - Sterlitz.
Genbun era begins in Japan.
Duke of Argyll becomes the first Field Marshal of great britan.
Bushehr is founded in Persia.
British Witchcraft Act is reformed, eliminating capital punishment for Witches, and
instituting fines and jail time for claiming to be a witch or sorcerer.
First recorded use of a Bathing machine.

January 19 - James Watt, builder of steam engines.
January 29 - Joseph Louis Lagrange Italian mathematician.
February 3 - Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Austrian musician.
February 29 - Ann Lee, Shaker leader.
May 29 - Patrick Henry, American patriot.
June 7 - Fermín Lasuén Spanish missionary to America.
June 14 - Charles-Augustin de Coulomb French Physicist.
June 21 - Enoch Poor Brigadier General in the Continental Army.
June 25 - John Horne Tooke English politician and philologist.
September 10 - Carter Braxton Signer of the United States  Declaration of Independence
as a representative of Virginia.
September 15 - Jean Sylvain Bailly French astronomer.
October 27 - James Macpherson Scottish poet.
Arthur St. Clair (b. sometime between 1734 & 1736) 9th President of the United States
under the Articles of Confederation.
Edward Waring British mathematician.
Juan Bautista de Anza Governor of the Spanish Province of New Mexico.
Antonio de León y Gama called "the first mexican archeologist".
Pierre le Pelley I Seigneur of Sark.
John Francis Edward Acton Prime minister of Naples.
Alexander Runciman Scottish painter.
Daniel Morgan American pioneer, soldier, and Congressman from Virginia.
He was a Brigadier General in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

March 16 - Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, composer.
April 24 - Eugene of Savoy Noted French general.
September 16 - Gabriel Fahrenheit, inventor.
Ahmed III sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
Johann Albert Fabricius German scholar and bibliographer.
James Stanley, 10th Earl of Derby.

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