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26 Augustus - Leendert van den Houten.
Joseph Wright (of Derby), kunstschilder.

Louis Lully, musicus en componist.

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January 8 - Premiere of George Frideric Handel's opera Ariodante at the Royal
Opera House, Covent Garden.
June 17 - French troops take Philipsburg, but the Duke of Berwick is killed.
June 21 - In Montreal in New France, a black slave known by the French name
of Marie-Joseph Angélique, was tortured then hanged by the French authorities
in a public ceremony that involved her disgrace and the amputation of a hand.
June 30 - Russian troops take Danzig which had been besieged since October
1733. Danzig is captured after the failure of a French expedition to relieve the city.

August 26 - Leendert van den Houten.
September 3 - Joseph Wright, British painter (died 1797).
November 2 - Daniel Boone, US frontiersman (died 1820).
December 15 - George Romney, English painter (died 1802).
Franz Mesmer, Austrian physician (died 1815).

June 12 - James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick, illegitimate son of deceased
King James II of England and French military commander (born 1670).
June 17 - Claude, Duc de Villars, French soldier.
June 21 - Marie-Joseph Angélique, African slave.
December 28 - Rob Roy, Scottish clan chief (born 1671).

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