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12 Februari - Aren van den Houten.
Thomas Bayes, medegrondlegger van de statistiek.

21 Augustus - Hubertus van den Houten.

Georg Everhard Rumphius natuurhistoricus.
8 Maart - Stadhouder Willem III.

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March 8 - William III died; Princess Anne Stuart becomes Queen Anne of England,
Scotland and Ireland.
March 11 - The first regular English language newspaper, The Daily Courant. is published
for the first time.
May 4/14 - The War of the Spanish Succession widens, as war is declared on France
by the Grand Alliance.
June - Queen Anne's Captain-General John Churchill forces the surrender of Kaiserswerth
on the Rhine.
September - Churchill forces the surrender of Venlo on the River Meuse.
October - Sir George Rooke fails to take Cadiz, but captures a Spanish treasure fleet
and destroys French and Spanish warships. Churchill forces the surrender of Liège.
December 14 - John Churchill is created Duke of Marlborough.
December 15 - Forty-Seven Ronin, formerly in the service of Asano Naganori, assault
the household of Kira Yoshinaka, and kill him in vengence for their lord. Their display
of the ideals of bushido becomes a national legend.

February 12 - Aren van den Houten.
Thomas Bayes - British mathematician and Presbyterian minister, noted for Bayes' theorem.
Emperor Nakamikado of Japan.

August 21 - Hubertus van den Houten.

March 8 - William III of Orange, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht,
King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland.

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