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Engeland: Bill of Rights: Einde van het absolutisme. De scheiding der machten zorg
ervoor dat de koning niet langer meer alle macht in handen heeft.

4 September 1689 - Lambregt van den Houten.

12 Augustus - Paus Innocentius XI.
28 Oktober - Adriaan Bastert.

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Louis XIV of France passed the "Code Noir," allowing the full use of slaves in the
French colonies.
January 11 - The Parliament of England declares King James II of England deposed.
February 13 - William III and Mary II are proclaimed co-rulers of England,
Scotland and Ireland.Scotland and Ireland do not yet recognize them.
April 11 - The Estates of Scotland declare King James VII of Scotland deposed.
April 11 - Crowning of co-rulers King William III and Mary II as King and Queen
of England, Scotland and Ireland.Ireland does not recognize them yet.
May 12 - King William's War: William III of England joins the League of Augsburg
starting the war.
May 24 - The Act of Toleration passes the English Parliament protecting Protestants
(Roman Catholics are intentionally excluded).
July 27 - Glorious Revolution: Battle of Killiecrankie ends.
August 5 - 1,500 Iroquois attack village of Lachine, in New France.
December 16 - The official declaration of the English Bill of Rights.

January 18 - Montesquieu, French writer (+ 1755).
September 4 - Lambregt van den Houten.

April 19 - Christina of Sweden.
October 28 - Adriaan Bastert.

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