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Glorious Revolution (roemrijke omwenteling): Verdrijving van koning Jacobus II
(katholiek) uit Engeland. Het echtpaar Willem III, Prins van Oranje, en Maria Stuart
(dochter van Jacobus, maar anglicaans) wordt koning en koningin van Engeland.

18 Januari - Leentje van den Houten.

23 April - Susanna Bastert.

Anna den Boer.

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A high-powered conspiracy of notables, the "Immortal Seven", invite William and
to depose James II of England.
November 5 - Glorious Revolution begins: William of Orange lands at Brixham but
James II of England was prevented from meeting him in battle because many of his
officers and men were deserting to the other side.
December 11 - After a series of defeats King James II of England flees England
for Ireland.
Austria occupies Belgrade.
Friedrich I of Prussia becomes Kurfürst (Elector) of Brandenburg.
Francesco Morosini becomes Doge of Venice.
James, Callinicus II, and Neophytus IV are Patriarchs of Constantinople.
Gerasimus I succeeds Parthenius I as Patriarch of Alexandria.
Jan Stanislaw Zbaski succeeds Mikolaj Stefan Radziejowski as bishop of Warmia.
Peter Delanoy succeeds Stephanus Van Cortlandt as mayor of New York City.
Asmus Bremer becomes mayor of Kiel.
Toleration Act is passed in England.
Bungay in England is nearly destroyed by fire.
Neuruppin becomes a Prussian garrison town.
Etienne Baluze publishes Marca hispanica.
David Abercromby publishes Ars explorandi medicas facultates plantarum
ex solo sapore.
Antonio Verrio begins work on the Heaven Room at Burghley House.
William Dampier makes first recorded visit to Christmas Island.
Janez Vajkard Valvasor becomes a member of the Royal Society.

January 18 - Leentje van den Houten.
January 18 - Lionel Cranfield Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant
of Ireland (+ 1765).
January 29 - Emanuel Swedenborg Swedish scientist, philosopher and theologian.
February 2 - Queen Ulrike Eleonora of Sweden.
February 4 - Pierre de Marivaux, playwright (+ 1763).
April 15 - Johann Friedrich Fasch, composer (+ 1758).
May 21 - Alexander Pope, poet (+ 1744).
June 10 - Prince James Francis Edward Stuart, later claimant to the thrones
of Scotland and England, and figurehead for Jacobitism.
August 15 - King Frederick William I of Prussia.
William Burnet, British colonial administrator (+ 1728).
Charles Rivington, English publisher (+ 1742).
Nadir Shah (+ 1747).

April 23 - Susanna Bastert.

April 29 - Friedrich Wilhelm I of Brandenburg.
June 26 - Ralph Cudworth, English philosopher.
July 21 - James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde, Irish statesman, soldier.
August 31 - John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress.
November 26 - Philippe Quinault, French dramatist.
Anna den Boer.
Henry Morgan, privateer and governor.
Narai of Thailand.

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