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29 Oktober - Rochus Bastert.
13 November - Adriaan Bastert.


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Japanese Chief Minister Hotta Masatoshi is assassinated, leaving Shogun Sunayoshi
without any adequate advisors, leading him to issue impractical edicts and create
hardships for the Japanese people.
The Japanese poet Saikaku composes 23,500 verses in 24 hours at the Sumiyoshi
Shrine at Osaka, the scribes can't keep pace with his dictation and just count the verses.
The British East India Company gets Chinese permission to build a trading station at
Canton. Tea sells in Europe for less than a shilling a pound, but the import duty of 5
shillings makes it too expensive for most English people to afford.
Smuggled tea is drunk much more than legally imported tea.
England has its coldest winter in living memory, the Thames and the sea as far as 2
miles out from land freezes over.
John Bunyan writes The Pilgrim's Progress Part 2.

April 15 - Martha Skavronskaya, a Lithuanian peasant who later became Empress
Catherine I of Russia.

October 29 - Rochus Bastert.
November 13 - Adriaan Bastert.

Chief Minister Hotta Masatoshi, assassinated.

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