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1609-1621 - Twaalfjarig Bestand tussen Spanje en de Verenigde
Nederlanden (tijdens de Tachtigjarige oorlog).
Johannes Kepler publiceert de eerste wet van Kepler.



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May 23 - Official ratification of the Second Charter of Virginia.
July 6 - Bohemia is granted freedom of religion.
August 28 - Henry Hudson is the first European to see Delaware Bay.
Samuel de Champlain claims the Lake Champlain area of Vermont for France.
Galileo Galilei is the first to perform observational astronomy with a telescope.
The first published rounds in English are published by Thomas Ravenscroft.
Johannes Kepler publishes his first two laws of planetary motion.
Claudio Monteverdi publishes his first opera, Orfeo.
The Rheims bible is published in England.
Bermuda is first settled, by English shipwreck victims en route to Virginia.

March 28 - King Frederick III of Denmark.
November 25 - Henrietta Maria, Princess of France and Navarra, later
Queen Consort of England, Scotland and Ireland.

January 21 - Joseph Justus Scaliger, protestant scholar.
Barnabe Barnes, English poet.
Federigo Zuccaro, Italian painter.

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